The need of counselling in rural areas


In an international environment that is aware of rapid changes due to socio-political developments, the preservation of the rural income is emerging as a major issue. As is well known, the factors that shape agricultural income are diverse, however, should be given a special reference to the felt need of farmers for consulting services.

Investigations have been carried out in the territory of the Greek countryside, have highlighted that the main sources of information and search consultancy is the agricultural cooperatives, the Addresses of agriculture, local agriculturists, and the relatives or friends. In addition, sources of information are, and the tv, the newspapers, internet and radio. These sources are of paramount importance for an efficient agricultural activity, however, stresses the need for specialized knowledge, and personalized tips.

This need may be met through the Sub-Measure 2.1 «Use of advisory services in the agricultural sector"which guidance will be provided to farmers in the form of provision of differentiated advice that will respond to the specific characteristics of each farm. In addition, the use of advice by farmers will be provided without charge to the cost.

The "Αγροσύμβουλοι Crete" is a company which provides consulting services, in the context of farm management. The vision of the company is to support farmers with numerous means and through advisory, in order to take rational decisions on the feasibility and environmental management of their exploitation. In a broader horizon, envisions a rural area aligned with the sustainability and protection of the environment, which is highlighted in the advisory, which provides.

Is staffed by an experienced team of certified consultants and engineers, with many years of experience in the conduct of agricultural studies, and deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the primary sector.

The advice is tailored to the needs of every farmer and include succinctly tips for statutory management requirements, for quality, and efficiency of water resources, for the general principles of integrated pest management, climate change, for the proper implementation of the Measures 10 and 11, and for the improvement of the viability and competitiveness of agricultural holdings.

At the same time, provides active support to farmers, having developed partnerships with numerous laboratories of chemistry and food technology, through which will be carried out soil and φυλλοδιαγνωστικές analyses, water analyses, and residues of plant protection as well as analyses of meat and milk. The above analyses will form the image of the current situation of farms, directing the consulting services aimed at the formation of specialized rational proposals.

Contact with the "Αγροσυμβούλους Crete" on the phone: 2813-009227, e-mail: and visit the website for more information.